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[Nate Dogg]
I don't know if you don't, but I know
Whenever the wind blows
I be chasin all of my cheese
Think I'm lyin? Silly ne-gro please
My niggaz is out to get rich
Better watch out man, cause they sick
Somebody better get this dick

I'm about to get Sic'Wid dis shit

Although them niggaz is tight as tight as me they never will be
So what some niggaz is famous man some niggaz is out for they G's
Some niggaz is lovin hookers man some niggaz send hoes to they knees
Some niggaz will rescue a bitch
some skanless niggaz'll let the hoe bleed

[Chorus 2X: Nate Dogg]
If you gon' ride nigga go'n ride (zzzzoom)
If you gon' hide nigga go'n hide (witcho' bitch-ass)
If you gon' shoot nigga go'n shoot (doo doo doo doo doo doo)
If you go

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