Şarkı Sözlerinin merkezi


[Steve Scales]
Good things come to those
who stays on they toes
Don't you e-ver stop
Al-ways keep it hot

[Forty] Potnah this bubonic cuts, that other shit is high
[Legit] Fuck what you talkin about, throw me that childproof lighter

[Forty] Oh youse a smoker huh? Then go on and flame
I heard you got some shit and heard it come from Spain
[Legit] Naw, Amsterdam, I got it from the hemp man
Bought the weed cause I love what it do to me
Five o'clock in the traffic and I be fiendin
Without the bomb nigga life has no meanin

Okay.. see I be krunkin(?) to profession in American-o(?)
Cristal Brothers Brandy all down the throat
Steady dippin call me Funk Master Flex

Ass since mom and daddy had sex

Got yo' nigga daydreamin, smebbin in a check-U
Floatin in a cloud, music up hella loud
Proud to be in the land of the lights and the beer
Got me where I ain't carin

.. because I like what you doin to me
.. because I like what you doin to me

It's like this and that to fuckin with your dick on hard
And nigga ain't no Pebble Beach in my backyard
Rackateerin, smearin, no foreseein
Shit folks ain't even used to hearin

We break bread with the (?), thick ass bitch with the tits
and the anus, off the English, how

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