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Alone / EA6

Part I: Alone

[Intro: Spoken]
I know that but being around...in that atmosphere and seeing how people move, you know, seeing how, how they make records, you know, what kind of record they make...I'm just like...I don't want this shit for myself and I don't ever want niggas to try to pull me into that. 'Cause I've been told a couple times like, "Hey, do this shit man, do that..." And I'm like man, I don't want, I don't want that for me man.
And if I keep tellin' y'all I don't want that shit for me and y'all keep, you know, tryna nudge and push...I understand y'all got your vision and y'all got your formula but that shit don't work for me man. I'm not gonna conform, I'm not settling for that shit. 'Cause if I do it once and it pop, I'ma have to keep doing that shit over and over again. You can't build no fanbase like that. You...you become, you become, you become a fuckin' song instead of a person. That shit...I'm not...I'm not tryna be that man.

[Verse 1]
Ummmm...migraines from overthinking
I'm tryna let go, I'm tryna let go
Let go of the past, man that shit been tryna creep up, up
Contemplatin' on if I'm really as strong as I thought, bitch I might be
Quick to pull me down but as much as I've seen, I can't fall, it's unlikely
Shit get a little twisted up
I put my troubles in the dirty then I mix it up
I’m bouta change my number
Like I haven’t switched enough
This is home
And you ain't Zone 6 enough
I’m from East Atlanta Zone
If you ain't from it
Take your ass home
I let my heart talk, keep my mental strong
Speak the whole truth 'til my money long

[Interlude: Spoken]
Half of them don't even know your name. I don't want that, I want people to know who the fuck I am. I want people to know what I stand for. I want people to be personal and know, "This is 6LACK, this is what he believe in...."

What we need to talk about
Get gone, get gone, yea yea
Got the past whispering in my ear
He flaw, she flaw, what’s wrong?
I got troubles, and they won't leave me alone

[Verse 2]
It seems like everybody got something to say
Everybody got a look they tryna get off of their face
Everybody got an opinion
And I don’t want one
Trying to tell me a better way to do some shit
That you ain't ever done
Sips drink in the booth
Black down to my shoes
Kick shit with my troops
Kicking shit, Ryu
You not with the shit why you
Front for those who don’t matter
When they not thinking about you
If I learned anything
It would probably be to listen more than I talk
And don’t brag about what I got
Just multiply what I brought
I never dwell on a loss
Never give a nigga sauce
He might run off with it all

Get gone get gone Yea yea
Got the past whispering in my ear
He flaw, she flaw, what’s wrong?
I got troubles, and they won’t leave me alone
Get gone get gone
Got the past whispering in my ear
He flaw, she flaw, what’s wrong
I got troubles, and they won’t leave me alone

Part II: EA6

[Interlude: Spoken]
Like I’m more of myself than I’ve ever been
Which is something that you really gotta come to face with sometimes
'cus, I thought I was, you know, fully myself 24/7
But nope, like right now is how I’m supposed to feel all the time
It's how I’m supposed to be all the time
It's how I’m supposed to think all the time
Now I know going out of this, I know leaving this
That will follow me
It doesn’t, you know, end with this, you know
I gotta take it and I, live with it every day
I see the people around me and
I feel so much
I wanna put it in words
Try and figure where to go with it
But I just feel so much
I know they don’t even feel as much as I feel
That’s alright
That’s alright
We have two different purposes
Clearly my purpose is some shit that’s way fucking bigger than me
Then it gets completely quiet when I'm at the beach
I know I’m one person but I kinda feel like this ripple effect is gonna impact a lot of people
I feel God talking and when he talks everything else is silent

[Verse 3]
Summer 2011
Almost lost my faith in God
Same time I never prayed so hard
Took control of my life so I wouldn’t have to take no job
Press play I couldn’t take no pause
I’m from east Atlanta 6 they don’t play that shit
In East Atlanta six you better make that lit
Or they be at your front door with that gun doe
Know them niggas Nick Cannon with the fucking drum roll
East side 'till a nigga die
Beast mode 'till a nigga cry
Sensei make a nigga fly
Shit hard but you gotta try
If I can do it, you can do it too
Time to be a better guy
I found the answer ridin' down Candler
I'm late for court 'cause traffic on Moreland
I’m trying to preach to y'all what’s important
So hard for me to ignore ignorance
I don’t know why I feel it’s my place
I know you see the pain in my face
I call the shots and move at my pace
But I understand it's all a big race
I understand you want that big face
They offer and hey
It's hard for me to say
I wouldn’t bite the bait they threw me
Be cautious where you play
It’s darkness in the A

Be cautious where you play
It’s darkness in the A
Be cautious where you play
It’s darkness in the A
Be cautious where you play
It’s darkness in the A

[Verse 4]
A-Town stomp on the old me
Used to ride through the hood with the slow creep
People gon' love what they don't need
I remember what the OG's told me
You better shine bright when the lights down
Less talk, more show, nigga pipe down
'Cause words ain't shit but your thoughts out loud
And thoughts are the opposite of showin' nigga's how

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