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Always Sixteen

[Verse 1]
Old Mr. Johnson and his wife attend my church
Fifty-two years and they still love like it's the first
He holds the door, she holds his hand, they kiss a little
He helps her in the truck, she slides right to the middle
And so one day I ask him how they keep the fire alive
He said: "You see two old people, but something down deep inside

Love is always sixteen
It's always the same, though people might change
Its forever young
Love don't have to turn cold, though lovers grow old
Love don't have to grow weak
Cause love is always sixteen

[Verse 2]

Baby, don't you find it just a little bit peculiar
However close we get, we're never too familiar
Everyday I wake up loving you so much it hurts
And, baby, every kiss we kiss still feels like it's the first
And it turns me on to know this feeling's never gonna fade
I'm still gonna want you even when we're old and grey


Through all of its phases, it's timeless and ageless
You're like the sun in a clear morning sky


Is always sixteen

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