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As Is

Yesterday I was a bum and broke
Today I am a star and broke
In this town that's called progress
That's how we do biz

I've been rich and I've been poor
Rich was better, totally better
Requires a degree of acceptance
As in "must accept as is"

Drive my search engine home
Dropped and chopped in Alabama chrome
Hey what the hell, it run so
The day is dunzo
So let's have some funzo
Yours very truly,
As is

Ain't how expensive you was
Or what was you worth
Ain't no Brinks truck follows no hearse

Love the craft?
Love the buck?
Every day down here's a rainy day
We don't save up

Unspoiled by progress
As is is how's I follow through
It's not how you squeeze,
But who returns to squeeze you
No doubt

Love 'em all I says,
Let cupid sort 'em out

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