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Let the earth destroyed call with the cry of their voices unto the gates of heaven. And now to you,
O saints of heaven, the souls of men complain, saying
Please pass on our grievances before the Most High.
Bind Azazel hand and foot and cast him into darkness
Open the desert called Dudael and cast it there.
And throw at him tough, sharp stones and cover him with darkness. Let him stay there forever!
Cover his face that he may not see the light so that on the great Day of Judgement
He would be thrown into the fire.
Revive the land that the angels destroyed and announce the healing of the earth,
For I will give life to the earth so that not all the sons of men will die
Because of the great secret which they (the fallen angels) have shown and taught their sons.
The whole earth was ruined by the teachings and works of Azazel,
Assign to him the blame for all the sins.
You shall not have peace. A severe sentence has been given to you; to bind you!
You shall not receive any rest, or mercy, nor (will I hear any) request because of the evil which you taught;
And because of the blasphemy, evil and sin which you revealed to the sons of men.
Behold a dream came upon me and I experienced visions.
I saw a vision of the anger all had as they sat with their faces covered plunged in grief as they gathered together.

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