Page Hit

a life of pain

A life of pain, what I think of when I caress my chain
Am I ashamed?
Project, shelters and that crack cocaine
I seen too much behind them bars of the windowpane

I seen my opp yesterday, I said, "I'm glad you came"
Grabbed my bitch butt yesterday, I said, "I'm glad you came"
She caught me cheating in them pictures, I said, "I was framed"
I got taste, lil' baby, this ain't no Mulsanne

Baby, this ain't Johnny Dang
I done took a lot of careers that been in my lane
Bitch, get out my way
It ain't no amount of money that could make me change

If you send your bitch my way, she get rearranged
Lead a whole friend group, I can entertain
I did my dance in arenas and it wasn't strange
I don't do no baby Rovers, this the biggest Range

I'm with Bridgeway and Lil L, I got on all my chains
I can't wild out with lil' bro, he like to piss on graves
I'm only hanging out with niggas that is potty trained
My main bitch ducking fame

She got no Instagram, these IG bitches surely lame
And these is eerie times and I put that on pgLang