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You don’t see a Sign in the sky’s when they hit you
Bombs coming from every angle to kill you
No place to run and hide for shelter
They tried to escape but they’re buried under

Soon universe will strike back thunders
Resources out and innocence murdered
The question stands are we moving forward
Humanity is lost nothing brings us closer

Everybody wanna save the world if you ask
But in the moment of truth they disappear real fast
Do this do that think this think that
Garbage info in the clouds receiver in your hands
Privacy no longer exist it’s the past or are you dumb enough to believe you got a million friends
It’s easy to challenge a bucket then yourselves but if you wanna help teach how to love someone else

We sucked it all up
Fucked it all used it all now off the Mars
But how cannot you see that it was never meant for us
Billion dollar spend on it would save a million Life’s
Bliss of the ignorance to cover all the lies
Couldn’t even handle earth what are you trying to find
Aliens and ET ‘s they won’t play the seek and hide
They’re already here if not soon you got to realize
But we can’t even see cause the truth is paralyzed

Shame on You
You got me questioning
Were are you this person all alone fake personality or are you lost
You got me confusing trashing 20 years of friendship
I hope you happy now you dumb shit

It’s clear I cannot make you see but if you ever wonder why what the truth is on the other side if you ever want to make it right
Then you have to come and apologize or else if you go with lies

Shame on you
I thought we were friends and brothers fighting for the common love we have for the music

You called for help to save the day down south no budgets I get it but why hope me With clowns Club owner Drunk period walking around after shows any chance she’d Be offering jobs you should’ve known better I never do you wrong think about you Wedding how we partied all night long finally family was getting out of drama zone But you fucked it all up for summer blow
You was the brother from another mother for me even for my own blood brother we Thought you was the real shit rock solid eyes closed no question always had you covered
Bon voyage do shut all the doors on your way you got whole Lotta telling with a little fame how you gonna survive in this shameless game you’re the only goat in this case to blame

Shame on you chorus

Awful truth stands steal you did not have the balls to take it Could not risk comfort so you faked it
If you blame someone I’d be defender of the fundamentals now you got to deal with consequences

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