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Take It Back

Wait, you gotta love it though
How could you not love it though?
Let's take it back to when, me and Ashlan
Was out front schemin', right off Jefferson

Had the hoes screamin', and the niggas too
Kept the trunks beatin', brought the noise through
The sun shine on me, California things
Tyler, big brother, California dreams

He kept me at a distance, California stinks
Now I'm out in Calabasas where the choir sings
Praise god cause that man taught me how
To be myself and get, my niggas off that couch

The group broke up and made me feel hot again
If we talkin' 'bout groups, we still top 10
I had to save the truth for the last shit
Anything I said before this was passive

Had to saturate the streets with some classics
Then we went number one like Magic
Come, Tyler, sing it all for my family
Dom' Fike gon' say "b, look at this family tree"

Money in my bank account, I can't believe
Had to wash the blue paint off, so I can be free
So I could be free
Keep that shit rolling nigga

We just getting started
I know I gotta be, strong for the family
Long time coming, who wanna start a band with me?
Merlyn been around since day one

When he dropped out of college, we was there for him
That man's an architect, this ain't the end for him
I wanna y'all in the stands wave your hands for him
Who would've thought we made it off that damn forum?

Man, I wish we got to play the Forum
But next time, in another life, somewhere in the skies
And y'all will reunite
We'll have a cookout and you could bring the kids by

Your niggas by, your bitches by
Never know who is bi
With all them niggas y'all, I love them niggas y'all
United we stand, divided we fall

I'm sorry homie but that don't apply to us at all
The next chapter is everything
That's my promise to y'all

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