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Born Singer

I'm a born singer A little belated confession (I swear)
The mirage that always seemed so far away is now before my eyes (It's here)
I'm a born singer just a bit early to confess (Early to confess)
But I'm so happy I'm good, whoa, whoa

The very first stage we stood under the name Bangtan
I revisit how we felt about our first stage 3 years ago
Still I'm nothing different from a rural Daegu rapper but

I became a pro, no more amateur
While rapping and dancing on the stage I wanted so badly
I feel alive, although it's hard and tough
I can handle it cause you're supporting me

Because even if my body hurts, the cheers come rolling in
I'm in a boundary between idol and rapper
Living on, my notebook's still filled with rhymes
In the waiting room and between performances I hold a pen and write the lyrics

This is how I am, did something about me change before your eyes?
Damn, shit I still the same
I changed, you say? (what?) Go and tell them
Nothing changed, I'm still rapperman

Unchanging since 3 years ago I rap and sing, I'm out
Truthfully, I was afraid, I said I'd show them all but I was afraid of proving myself
A kid who grew up on pens and books is now surprising the world, I don't know

I was afraid I'd stand asymmetrical to the world's expectations
In case I betray all those who had faith in me
I straighten my heavy shoulders and go up on my first stage
During the brief static of the moment, I steady my breath

People I've been watching are now all watching me
Those I looked up to on TV, right now they're beneath me
Uh, like a kaleidoscope, the one chance act without a moment to brush past had begun
3 year's battle with the mic doused in blood and sweat evaporates in 3 minutes

Though it's a few seconds, I put everything in, I'm f-cking real
Hey, what is your dream? Mine is to become a rap star, can't you feel
The shouts after the stage, yeah, I could read your mind (Uh, yeah)
I could read your mind, no more questions, just smile (Uh, yeah)

The members patted my shoulder wordlessly
It feels just like the day before yesterday but 20 nights have passed already
And let the haters hate on me, it's their job
When you play with the keyboard, I've made my career

Sunglasses, hair style, know why you insult me
Anyway, it's me who's gone further than you at age 20
The days we've run through, the days we've experienced togethe
How we became one mind in 3 year's time

I'm drenched with the blood and sweat I've spilled
After the performance tears well up in my eyes
Every moment I make sure not to lose my integrity
To always be myself, so I don't embarrass the me from the beginning

So we go, we go, we go
Higher higher higher

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