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Boy In Luv

I want to be your Oppa
I'm so hungry for your love
I won't take you, see you (fire)
Why are you shaking my heart?

I shake it, I shake it
Dad, how the h*ll are you?
Did you ask Mom out?
Should I write you a letter?

What is it, dust in front of you?
Tick-tick, stiff, whining
I'm serious, but I'm stubborn, I'm going to argue
What do you care about, it makes me a big boy

Turn it upside down, turn ties into lovers
If I go to college with you, I think I'll go well
Uh, Kanadaramabasa Hakunamatata
Uh, why do I keep checking the same profile picture?

Uh, don't mistake me for that
I'm getting nervous, I'm getting nervous
How dare you? Are you only good?
Why do you keep making fun of me?

Stop now, hol' up, hol' up
Hold me tight before I kiss you
Before my heart lets you go
Say what you want, say what you want

What do you really want?
Shaking up, shaking up
On the outside, bad, bad girl, inside is more bad, bad girl
If you miss a guy like me, you'll regret it

Your act of not pressing after checking the messenger
I don't have a place for'work' and at the same time I just burn myself
In case of buying a navigation (fast, fast, fast)
I keep trying to appeal (Adong, Badung, Badung)

Genuine feelings? (I got 'em) Endurance? (I got 'em)
The only thing I don't have is your (beauty, beautiful, kindness)
How can I change this, hol' up
Pushed? fishing grounds? I like that (I don't know)

If it hurts instead, instead of 119 (call me)
Cry if you cry, laugh if you laugh, roll if you roll
Why don't you know my heart for you?
Even if you ignore me

Even if you act cold, I can't push you out of my mind
I will be your man, just watch
So that my heart can touch yours
I'm running now, hey

Before my heart loses you (before it loses you)

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