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Yo in Danger
My phone is just a mere accessory
Am I really your boy friend? I'm sick
Why are you holding back your expression of love like you put off your homework?

Is it like a business relationship for you, or do you hate me or what?
This magic spell
Please be more affectionate! I pray for it again today
We have parallels,

We look at the same place but are so different
I don't have anyone but you
But why does it feel like I'm outside of you?
If I stay quiet, you ask, "are you mad?"

Have you ever really done something to me?
You're a cutie and I am pitiful
I hope there will be a miracle of you loving me more than I love you
You don't have me but I'm filled with you

It's driving me crazy
Why are you doing this? why are you making me into a fool?
I'm warning you now, stop confusing me
Are you kidding me? what am I to you?

Am I easy to you? are you playing with me?
You're in danger right now, why are you testing me?
Why are you testing me? stop confusing me
It hurts so much because of you

Stop confusing me
You are too bad to me
You're not answering your phone, I'm looking for how to unlock you
I'm investigating a girl like you and your true feelings

All you send me is a line or two through text
Is this the relationship and dream that I've wanted?
Where did my exciting love story go?
Move out of the way, drama characters

I rip out my hair hundreds of times because of you
But you don't care, you think it's fine and you kick me around
What am I? what am I?
What am I to you?

I hear about you from your friends rather than you
I want you, I want you
A girl like you, you're a con-artist, a criminal who shook up my heart
You used up my heart before the fire even started

I can try to have a one-sided relationship but it'll be useless
Maybe you're more comfortable with being friends instead of lovers I'm a love loser

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