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At first sight, I could recognize you (Hmm)
The DNA in my blood vessels tells me (Hmm)
Take it, take it.
My hand out to you is determined

Don't worry about it , love..
It is all not a coincidence.
We are totally different, baby
'Cause we're the two who found the destiny.

From the day of the universe's creation and on (and on)
Through the infinite centuries and beyond (beyond, beyond, ya)
In our previous births and probably in our next birth too
We're forever together (DNA)

All of this is not a coincidence (DNA)
The DNA of the genesis wants you
This is meant to be, I love us (love us)
We are the only true lovers (lovers)

Whenever I see her , I'm amazed.
I stop breathing, it feels so weird, maybe.
This is the emotion they call love
Since the beginning my heart has been beating for you.

Don't regret.
Don't look back because we found fate
Don't regret baby.
Forever forever

We are together.
La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la
Because it's not a coincidence (DNA)

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