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The world is a complex
We was lookin' for love
I was just one of those people
Didn't even believe in true love

Just said I wanted to be in love like a habit
But I found myself
The whole new myself
I'm confused too, which one's the real me?

Did you figure out that I'm a book after I met you?
Or did you turn my page?
Anyway, I wanna be the best man for you

Of course, you're the world to me
When you said you wanted to die with me
I promised to be the man you want God I swore to myself
So many complex

But I'm lookin' for love
I don't care if it's a fake me, if you hold me
You're my beginning and my end
So you finish me

All of my wonder
You're the answer
I call you her, her
'Cause you're my tear, tear

Maybe I'm your truth and your lie
Maybe I'm your love and hate
Maybe I'm your enemy and friend
Your heaven and (h)ell, your pride and embarrassment

I can't ever take off this mask
Because I'm not the guy you know under this mask
Again today, make up to wake up
And dress up to mask on

To become the person who loves you
To become the guy who loves you
I quit the __ that I liked so much
Just for you

I put on clothes I hate, excessive make up
Because your laughter and happiness is the scale of my happiness
This is how I am, do I deserve your love?
I always make an effort to be the best for you

I hope you don't know this part of me
Just like always, mask on
Greeting me with cheers, her
I'm your star, I shine as if nothing's wrong

But the moment I should shine the most, I take my mask off
Lost star, I'm laying down my burdens, enjoying the darkness
There's no lights to shoot at me as if it's killing me
Just going wherever my heart goes

However my senses lead me, whatever doesn't hold me down
Tick tock the dark is over
Once again, to be your best
I'm holding into myself

Love makes a person go crazy
Yeah, this is a crazy guy's determination
Substituting myself to be the most me
For you, who is my everything, I'm giving you the answer I came up with

But you love that
So through that, I'm making an effort
With your existence, I find new meaning and the night shines
Now I know, even after the darkness

To me, you are the morning
You woke me up

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