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Run Bts

Yeah, yeah
Run, run (Oh-oh-oh-oh)
Okay, okay, let's go!

Nonhyeon, 100m, Our Place
A Call From The Company After school (Yes, Yes)
Aah! I'm coming Right Now
Please Don't Send Me home

(Oh) Sometimes I Dream Of That Day (Dream)
(Oh) I Shivering And Then Open My Eyes (Open My Eyes)
I Don't Wanna Go, Go Back Again
Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go

For ten years, wait, wait
We from the bottom
I caught you bae, bae
We're a bit fast

We seven mate, mates
Look, we got us
Tell me what you wanna
Tell me what you wanna, woah

If we live fast, let us die young
Not loosing our spirit
Make it move, left and right
No matter who you are

Two bare feet are our gasoline, yeah, yeah
Let's go, are you ready? Yeah, yeah
Okay, Let's Go!
Run bulletproof, run, yeah, you gotta run (Run, run)

Run bulletproof, run
Okay, okay, let's go
I was right, in the rain-leaking studio in Nonhyeon-dong
Opening a bottle of soju and talking about my hardships

If we succeed in the words that we've promised, everybody is dead
The reason behind BANGTAN's success? I don't know if there's something like that
All of us just run hard
No matter what, we just run

That's the answer, ha-ha-ha
Comfort, got them (Got them)
Principles, got them (Got them)

Good music, got them (Got them)
Good team? Goddamn! (Oh, yeah)
You said you hot (You hot)
Oh man, you not (You not)

Above the ones who run, above the ones who flies
Run Bangtan, let's go
Let's go!
Run bulletproof, run (Run, run)

With the ignorant faith
Just run, with your two legs
That's how we do it all (Ayy, ayy)

That's how we've proved it
The seven runners
With a million dollars (Ayyy, ayy)
Jiminie, V, hard work

Namjoonie, Hope, hard work
Yoongi hyung, Jjin, hard work
Jungkookie, everyoone so thanks
Get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready, there's more in the future

Go get it, go get it, go get it, go get it, run, run
Yeah (Yeah)
Run beautiful, run, yeah you gotta run (Run)
Run beautiful, run

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