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Chariot Of Fire

Sorry that we took so long
You probably thought we forgot your song
It makes us smile
Just so you know
To see your eyes at our shows

I wrote this song
While I was drunk
I hope you dont mind
That it was wine
But you called me and said
You dont want your friends to know
But what if you had to go
What about then
What about then mildred
Excuse me I mean music
But what about then

Sweet chariot of fire
Come swing us all away
Sing us a song a day
Away, away, zoom [x4]
Or maybe you're in your car just driving away
And everything's okay

Floating around
when theres no need to walk

And theres nothing but gods
And feeling no talk
Where there is golden bees and silver birds
And dreams are like shoot
They come true and heard
Every moment
Feels like a spin mildred
I mean
A spin music
So what about then


When every star flickers
Bright as a sister
Just but a whisper commands your love
You write sun in the skies
All the flowers harmonize
Thats where your starry eyes will stand above

Mildred, mildred
(oh f*** i mean mildred)
Mildred, mildred
(how the f*** you gon tell me its mildred)
Mildred, mildred
(sorry) (not music)
(f*** it)

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