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[ Play ]
This song goes out to my boy J-Dubs whos keepin it real over in Bradford Pa

It's the P-l-a-y, just here to say hi
Askin you may I, tell you 'bout the day I
Picked up a microphone, a pad and a pen
The legend of the Tramp begins
The party host with the most giving you a dose, see
Needing instructions, so listen closely
Two lines form, it makes you to step to him
Fellas at the backdoor, girls by the bedroom
The name is Play, don't dare play me cheap
The microphone is a broom and I'ma sweep ya
Off your feet with feelings that you never felt
Another notch in the belt
It's no secret, I like to freak with the best of them
Then head to the stage in a test of men
And when it's done and said and said and done
Play's gonna be the victorious one

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