Şarkı Sözlerinin merkezi


Verse 1:
I'm tellin the truth
You don't believe a word
How can we start over again?
I know I lied
You said let's try
But still you wont let me in
Girl it's easy to confess

When the truth's been revealed
And it's easy not to believe a word that I am saying

So baby if you want me (If you really want me)
And baby if you need me

You gotta let me know with us there's still a chance
(You gotta let me know)
You gotta put the past behind us and start all over again
I got to know If It's Going To Work

Verse 2:
When circumstances don't seem right
Why can't you just go on with the fact
Not what you hear, but what you know
You wanna believe the bad
After we work it out
Why do you bring it up again?
I know it's gonna be so hard
But we've got to start somewhere

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