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Okay, I'm finished now
And I kept my faith for long enough
And I hope I'm old and fairly sober
If I'm let down

Maybe you keep me around
For the constant affirmations
While I scrounge for understanding
And fall out

I'll let you win and I'll let you tie
The ribbon to my hair
Just so that we could come back to this if we really cared
The morning gates stay open

If you had a thought that I'd be there
(Oh, I'd be there)
Know we could use a break
Because I can't feel my feet

I carried you all the way upstairs
So you can sleep and I can think
Stand guard
When I am near

Clinging on to everything you fear
Keeping me close
While you hold me out and say
I don't love you that way

Harbor myself away from everyone else
I'm half awake and intimate
Eyes closed and I'll commit
What I wish I had with you

I'll pretend until it's true
I don't love you that way
Swallow the pill, it's only fair that I hear
Know myself better than I have in years

I don't know why I have to defend what I feel
I try
Stand your guard
When I am near

Loathe me until
You're reminded of the deal
One of us knows
When you hold me out and say

You don't love me that way

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