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You move in your ways without a law
And I'll force you to feel the weight I'm standing on
But the perfect harmony is lost
As I watch you fall awake and ask, "What's wrong?

Did I really miss all the work you've done?"
(All the work I've done)
Calling someone else is only harder
I'll explain myself again

Take the chance on someone's daughter
She makes me feel like I'm the best
The only time I see you smile
Is after hours or the finish line

But bring yourself to the edge
Of the cliff
And look upon
The animals who wake before us at dawn

(All the work they've done)
Comfortable, unmotivated always
Seeking other stories other memories
I'm sorry I have to hold you longer than you expected

It's only temporary
I'll let you walk and make your own discovery
That one of these days, I know that you might come back to me

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