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[Verse 1]
In Düsseldorf I met a clown
His nose, it was red
In Gelterkinden I forgot to frown
Then remembered again
In Paris I saw a big fish
Swimming slow in the Seine
It made me hopeful that someday our water
Would be breathable again

[Verse 2]
In Frankfurt I heard eins zwei drei
Counting cookies and no one was shot
In Berlin stopped by the Polizei
For drunk driving and everyone smiled
In Prague I knew I'd been a witch
Burnt alive, a pyre of Soviet kitsch
It made me miss my Moscow muttdom
It made me miss my New York nothing

[Verse 3]
In Montpelier I stayed in a chateau
A boy climbed into my bed and he knew no boundaries
In Amsterdam I got quite crazy
It might have been all the tulips and canals
Or it might have been all that hash, and in
Barcelon, buenos dias, chocolato, le Picasso
And in Brussels, clean-cut hostel
And in London, me and the French existentialists

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