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Leaving Heaven
(feat. Skylar Grey)

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Yea (I knew this day was coming)
Sometimes you gotta come back down (Not gonna hell now man)
Stoop to someone's level

Five dozen, fly buzzin' over your head
Call me the Grim Reaper
Sleep is my cousin
You dead to me now and Imma be the last thing you see before you die cussin'

I'm a survivor so I'll rise up and be triumphant
'cause when I'm looking at my legacy
A bunch of dogs gonna tryna dry humpin'

Triumph The Puppet
So I'm like, "Fuck it"
so high it's touching the sky
Let them all line up in the

Single filing up in the stack
Call them toy soldiers
Yea, 'cause they just lined up on their backs
but I am not coming back, I done told ya

I told the woke me to go to sleep
But still they keep on provoking me
They're hoping to see me completely broken emotionally
But how in the fuck am I not supposed to be woke when these fuckers just keep poking me

I'm leaving heaven
I'm leaving heaven
Angels won't find me
Where are you going?

I've been down kicked, like a round six thousand times
Since I was a kid
As a child, picked on
Countless times, I've been outdid

Gotta remind myself of it every now and then
So the route I went
In a hole
Taught myself how to get out of it

And balance it with talents and
Life is like a penny (Life is like a penny)
'Cause it's only one per cent
Who overcome this shit

They found the
like what my back was up against
Don't tell me about struggle bitch
I lived it

I was five or six the first time I got my hind in
And took my tri-cycle
And I don't know if I would call that white privilege

Yea, but I get it
How it feels to be judged by pigment
Even if it meant selling my soul to get revenge
And what?

Thought of a scheme that got me to thinking myself
I could prolly achieve it
Was part of the reason
And as long as I'm breathing

Got a heart of a demon
And I'm about to get even like
I'm in the Garden of Eden
And go off with the

I'm leaving heaven
I'm leaving heaven
Angels won't help me
Where are you going?

Okay so a mackelmore is keeping his room nice and neat (Yea)
I was getting my ass beat twice a week
Looking for a place for the night to sleep
just tryna to see if I could find some change

And scrape off four bites to eat
find a couple dimes a piece
Twenty five cents each would get us a bag of chips
We would be glad to even we if we had to split

Looking back at it
I think that would fit with the definition of not having shit
Couple that with the fact my mother was shit
Pop was the second shit

But, yeah he died but
I would give half a shit
back to the real dad
That I zero had

I couldn't see your ass gonna heaven
So I'm asking for a pass to go to hell
So I can whip your fucking ass
I hate that I never get

I'm leaving heaven
I'm leaving heaven
You know

Angels won't help me
I should dig your motherfucking ass up
Just to spit in your fucking face
Where are you going

Hanging my baby pictures up like you're proud of me
I'm leaving heaven
Fuck you, bitch
I'm leaving heaven

You know what
Angels won't help me
went through half the shit I went through So I blame you
Where are you going

Maybe I should say, "Thank you"
'Cause I wouldn't have been me
You better, you better run

You better, you better run
So Imma let it go now
You better, you better run
Rest in peace

You better, you better run
Cock sucker
You better, you better run
See you in hell

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