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One sharp look and u had me caged
I get these thoughts all up in my brain
It shows up all in my face
All these feeling I just can't contain

We locked eyes
I came alive
Feelings running up and down my spine
Curiority would'nt let me sleep

Its got me in a state of need and plead
Touch me Don't Let me go
Taste me I need two show
Feed me don't let me go

You've summoned me now I am your
One sharp look now who is caged
Gonna be mine and theres nothing you can say
Up in your face watch me make your blood race

When I dip my hips and lick my lips
Time for my body to do its magic
See the sweat dripping from my skin
I'm on fire within

Keep it rapid I would'nt stop the pace
Let me see the sensations on your face
The faster we go 'now lose control
Lets just let it flow

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