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falling in reverse

Come on, what’s the big deal? Nobody’s that heartless!

[Verse 1]
So listen here, I’m the voice in your head
And I can say the words that make you feel scared
So here's to you, and all the problems that we've made
And I know it’s so hard to stay afloat
When you make monsters out of thoughts
And you’re dragged under
And everyone in around you is too far away to notice
Your chest start to crush, oh, but it's alright
Oh, you'll be alright
So just breathe, it's almost over
And don’t let the monster in your head
Become your fears
'Cause you can save yourself, you know
You know

[Verse 2]
So listen here, I know it’s hard
Maybe I can’t be what you want
But I’m just who I am, and I’m trying to be what you could need
And I am still here, that voice in your head
And I'll be there for you, when no one else cares
And this is it, as far as where we’ve got since then
So know a good thing when you got it
And I hope you know you don't go alone

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