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From Afar

If i cannot see you from afar
Look into your eyes, that hint of depth
Hidden inside

If i cannot hear you from afar
Whisper in my ear, rest assured that
You are near

And i know not what it's like
The aforementioned
For the distance between us
As are the stars, i only have you
In my imagination
In my imagination
Just to love you
From afar

If i cannot kiss you from afar
Press against your lips, taste the
Sweetness of your breath

If i cannot touch you from afar
Hold you in my arms, keep you warm
And safe from harm

Though our circumstances
Cause separation
In the absence
There's a presence in my heart
I will surrender, i'll surrender to my
Quiet contemplation
My quiet contemplation
I'll just, i'll just love you
From afar

There must be a better way
A better way of passing the time
'cause' i can't seem to get her out
Get her out of my mind

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