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I think I got a plan, we're gonna make a stand-
Let's Go! go! Go! go! Go! go! Go! go!
Stand up and be counted, get out of the house
Take it to the streets, tell everyone you meet
It's Go! go! Go! go! Go! go! Go! go!
Time to get what's yours. Kick down all the doors

We'll start tomorrow, or maybe tuesday
Tear down the walls and show no fucking mercy
Next week is good for me
We'll make them fucking see

got follow though, initiative and skills to make a change!

The time has almost come,
Stand up and be someone
Finish up with dinner, and join up with the winners I mean for real this time,
at least just kind of try
When I say "Go" you say "Go" Go! go! Go! go! Go! go! Go!
We gotta think it through, I know what we should do
Let's Go! go! Go! go! Go! go! Go! go!
Wait right here for now, until we figure how.

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