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I wonder what it's like to attack at Night
And mow down the defenseless
Invasions and Raids just called
Fucking, punitive Expeditions

Like a Wildfire
Devastation spreads
Across all Gallia

From Helvetia to Eburonia
The Ravener's Insatiate

Think of yesterday
A mass illusion! How could it come this far?

Our dormant Minds were not prepared for this

Narbonensis was not enough
The Empire needed more
From Aremorica to Carnutia
Plagued and War-ridden Land
War's inflicted on free Gallia
An organised Downfall
A black Cloud of Imperial
Rapacity unleashed

Imperial needs are met
At bloody Cost of free Tribes
Invasion, Raid and War Atrocity
In the Name of S.P.Q.R.

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