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He Will Understand

It's a great big world, so far from home
Look around, you'll find, you're all alone
Looking through your clothes, slip into your finer things
Its so hard to please, cause its time to change
So much, to do.... but there's no time
Your past, keeps haunting you...... leave it behind
Baby, your friends, friendships can fade away
Not much left, to talk about

This is too much to save
There is time to change
Time to change, time to change
Oh now, it begins
You hope your life hasn't just begun
And you feel the walls, closing in

It's such a shame you're still so soft and young
He will understand
What your goin' thru
He will understand
Just what you've got to do
He will understand
If he's the one, he will understand, yeah
Yeah! He will understand.....what you are goin' through
He will understand, just what you've got to do
He will understand, Baby, if he's the one
He will understand, yeah
When its time to change, time to change
It's 3 a.m., and you dream, that he's touching you
Lights out, since 10
It's time to change