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Once upon a time
There were things that we didn't mind, oh
I'd hop in for a ride, moving fast
Never looking backwards

Play our favourite songs
Do the words still make you feel the same?
Once upon a time
Driving fast, never looking back

I know that I know how to find words
Say them out loud
I'm done letting myself down
My heart came from the right place

I don't want to cause heartache
But my mind just couldn't translate
How to deal with these emotions
Can start fire and still get burn

And I'll fuel it like I ain't learnt
'Cause it hurts me if I hurt you
So I hurt you so you hate me
But you won't leave, I can't get out

How you held me, oh
I hope that you see
There's no way you'd know
How, how you helped me

Now I'm driving fast
Like the way that you used to drive, oh
I'd jump into your bed
Live your days, they were never mine

Tell me why the light stayed on red
That must have been a sign
All these little things that we missed
We'll get over in time

You taught me about patience
Raised all my expectations
You showed me what's my ground
I stand here and I look down

On myself and I'm so proud
Thank you 'cause I've figured out
What's best for me is on my own now
It's been a while and I'm grown now

But I'd never have grown if you weren't 'round
You've shown me what's meant to be
What's meant for you is not meant for me
And we'll find out in this next life

How you held me, oh
I hope that you see
There's no way you'd know
How, how you helped me

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