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Judgement Day

Is your mind so filled with primitive beliefs
That they make you so weak that you cannot think?
And are you so misled to think that God is dead
Doesn't he exist within your head?

Christ was a man a human being
Who taught us that love is a beautiful thing
Can you judge a man and be so cruel?
You won't let him live by his golden rule

Then along came those with their gainful schemes
They tried their best just to end our dreams
Installing fear with their book of rules
Brainwashed our youths in their Bible schools

Dreamed up a world ruled by Satan
Divided the world into warring nations
We'll see who prays when it's time to pay
For their sins comes a Judgment Day

When someone has to tell you right from wrong
To make you feel like you don't belong
In a world where freedom doesn't exist
You're forced to live by their book of lists

Where the new fundamentalists try to run our lives
Filling us up with their religious lies
Don't let them make your fucking decisions
Tell them that love is your only religion

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