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"There could never really be justice on stolen land
Are you really for peace and equality?
Or when my car is hooked up, know you wanna follow me
Your laws are minimal
'Cause you won't even think about lookin' at the real criminal
This has got to cease
'Cause we be getting hyped to the sound of the police
Now here's one little truth, open your eye
While you're checkin' out the boom box, check out the exercise
Take the word, 'Overseer,' like a sample
Repeat it very quickly in a crew, for example
Overseer, overseer, overseer, overseer
Officer, officer, officer, officer

Yeah, officer from overseer
You need a little clarity? Check out the similarity
The overseer rode around the plantation
The officer is off, patrollin' all the nation
The overseer could stop you from what you're doing
The officer will pull you over just when he's pursuin'
The overseer had the right to get ill
And if you fought back, he had the right to kill
The officer has the right to arrest
And if you fight back, he'll put a hole in your chest
Woop, they both ride horses
After four hundred years," says KRS-One
I have no choices

Blood of the lamb
Can I hear me a little bit louder?
They will overcome

The Devil is usin' you, confusin' you
Our job is to understand who is who
Righteous indignation in this nation
We gon' start a revolution in this basement
And at the end of the day, it's truly blessings
Y'all had your statistics and all them goofy questions

Y'all had your fake leaders, don't worry, we got it
And plus it's only twenty-one days to break a habit
Momma, I need you to tuck me in
I done made some mistakes and they rubbed it in (Boy)
I know you and grandma had enough for them (Boy)
Why I gotta be so stubborn then? (Boy)
I'm doin' this one for y'all
So we could end racism once and for all
How many praises they gon' make? (Uh) Watch the safe
One hand wash the other, both hands wash the face

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