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Rockstar Lifestyle

Like, back when niggas ain't have nothin'
And all these hoes just fuckin' for fun, no way they like
Now this shit different, yuh

I'm 'bout to drop the ceilin', yeah
I'm 'bout to drop my album, I'm 'bout to kill 'em
Lil' bitch, I say whatever I want, I ain't got no filter
If I bought her ass and titties, huh, huh, then I built her, yeah, yeah

Yeah, I built her
I been sippin' codeine, don't give no fucks about my liver
Pass that cup, pour me up
Rockstar lifestyle, yeah, I been off these drugs

Rockstar lifestyle, yeah, she don't give no fucks
I just flew yo' bitch out to India
I'm so high, red, huh, huh, this ain't no Indica
Like a wrestler, I'm 'bout to hit this bitch with my finisher

Fatality, Mortal Kombat, yeah, I'm endin' her
Huh, huh, pull out track, huh, huh, quarterback
Huh, huh, put it on the floor, I need more of that, yeah, yeah
You lookin' for me, bitch, I'm posted in the cul-de-sac

Yeah, yeah, cul-de-sac, yeah, yeah
Swipe shit, pipe shit
Real rockstar, that my type, bih
Opium aesthetic, yeah, type shit

VVS diamonds on my right wrist, and my left
Carats in my ear, no I can't hear shit, yeah, I'm deaf
You can ask my partners, I been poppin' shit since I was twelve
I got pounds 'bout to land, ayy, keep ya eyes on the mail

I'm Ken Carson, I'm bigger than the law, I ain't goin' back to jail, yeah, yeah
Fuck 12, yeah, yeah
I ain't leavin' no evidence cause the stick came with a shell catcher
If my partner flip yo' shit, then I'm payin' that lil' bail, yeah, yeah

She took off all her clothes 'cause she say, "It's hot as hell in here"
Balenciaga, steroid boots, I could step on the whole town
If you talkin' down, I can get you spun right now
Ain't no bitch fucking with my bitch, and that's hands down

Every time I look up she be making TikToks to my sound
I mean TikToks to my song, I feel like I'm Drake, bitch I'm so far gone
I pulled up with that drac and that boy never made it home
These niggas don't be for real, they need to leave me alone, cause I step on shit

Imma sweat, New Zealand, Sweden, yeah, I had dirty piss
Buyin' every switch, on that bitch, this some dirty sticks
I was fuckin' on a M.I.L.F., she was thirty-six
I don't really shop at Kith, I be in SoHo

I'm flexin' on my bitch, sometimes you gotta let a hoe know
I told the label I'm lit, fuck it I don't need no promo
Super Saiyan, yeah, while I'm diff, I'm in go mode
Upside down cross beside my neck, but I ain't ever sell my soul

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