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For Sale? (Interlude)

What's wrong nigga?
I thought you was keeping it gangsta?
I thought this what you wanted?
They say if you scared go to church

But remember
He knows the bible too
My baby when I get you get you get you get you
Ima go head to ride with you

Smoking lokin' poking the deja till I'm idle with you
Cause I (want you)
Now baby when I'm riding here I'm riding dirty
Registration is out of service

Smoking lokin' drinking the potion you can see me swerving
Cause I (want you)
I want you more than you know
I remember you took me to the mall last week baby

You looked me in my eyes about 4 5 times
Till I was hypnotized then you clarified
That I (want you)
You said Sherane ain't got nothing on Lucy

I said you crazy
Roses are red violets are blue but me and you both pushing up daisies if I (want you)
You said to me
You said your name was Lucy

I said where's Ricardo?
I said oh no, not the show
Than you spit a little rap to me like this
When I turned 26 I was like oh shit

You said this to me
I remember what you said too you said
My name is Lucy Kendrick
You introduced me Kendrick

Usually I don’t do this
But I see you and me Kendrick
Lucy Give you no worries
Lucy got million stories

About these rappers I came after when they was boring
Lucy gone fill your pockets
Lucy gone move your mama out of Compton
Inside the gi-gantic mansion like I promised

Lucy just want your trust and loyalty
Avoiding me?
It's not so easy I'm at these functions accordingly
Kendrick, Lucy don't slack a minute

Lucy work harder
Lucy gone call you even when Lucy know you love your Father
I'm Lucy
I loosely heard prayers on your first album truly

Lucy don't mind cause at the end of the day you'll pursue me
Lucy go get it, Lucy not timid, Lucy up front
Lucy got paper work on top of paper work
I want you to know that Lucy got you

All your life I watched you
And now you all grown up then sign this contract if that’s possible
I remembered you was conflicted
Misusing your influence, sometimes I did the same

Abusing my power full of resentment
Resentment that turned into a deep depression
Found myself screamin' in the hotel room
I didn't wanna self destruct

The evils of Lucy was all around me
So I went runnin' for answers
Until I came home

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