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Killers, won't you come here and kill some time?
I've been sentenced to wait here for hours and days
Till when maybe she will be mine
The lies that you made up to hide your crime
I could have just sung, tell myself you would come
In a more reassuring tone

The darkness that you carry inside your heart
And the feeling that gives, to let die or let live
When your play only has one part
In my play, my part is only one of two
What will happen to me is not up to me
It depends on what she will choose

Rain that falls upon my window
An infinite circle, drops of the miracle
That brought you into my life
Love is not only what I feel for you
It's the spot in the pasture that's been keeping me up
Right since the day when I fell for you

She's between your time, trying to sleep
Have the sweetest of smell, it's of you, I can tell
And it's all that I have of you

It's the blood that heals the wound

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