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300 Urus

Tee, his first time out of jail, he ain't give me a hug, he hugged the block (Wheezy outta here)
I can be in any city, I ask 'em, "Where I find a mosque?"
Gotta watch out what I say on here, they'll do me like my pops
Do him dirty, crazy I never want them to do me like the opps

See, my brother ain't gotta look me, if he on feet, he shoot in Crocs
See, them niggas I used to love say they gon' do me like I'm Pac
Tell 'em Flavor Flav around his neck, that boy live with a clock
Whole district on him on a high speed, he still ain't throw the Glock

We in war, so if you high speed with a gun, you gettin' cold
Brodie dead, you sayin' his name still, you ain't did shit for a show
I don't even tell his ass to be careful, he don't even slide even to get caught
Pulled up, his ass was froze, that mini micro made assault

How you gon' play with me? I got money, nigga, your lil' ass gotta walk
How you gon' play with me with your lame ass? Your bitch-ass gettin' caught
Murderman, we call him, "Murk," we don't call him nothin' 'cause he gettin' watched (Go)
Niggas thought we got into it with Drench, but I told Drench, "Send the song tonight"

Niggas dead wrong tryna meet with me in a hotel with a mice
You ain't chase nothin' down in years (I know)
He ain't even send you money for years (I know)
I'm from the Lam', we might just jump out a Urus (I know)

Say he a killer, I start coverin' my ears (I know)
He made a channel tryna buy some veneers (I know)
It's a reason niggas ain't here with me, these niggas ain't here with me
Bro gon' shoot, he get that clearance, I don't think they hearin' me

See, that cousin shit be scarin' me, that shit gon' bury me
They be fuckin' with the opps, huh? 'Cause I ain't they brother
They be tryna hit the O up and tell 'em fuck us
Still be smokin' on the Dro just before the summer

These grown gangsters, they be mad 'cause they can't have my number (Go)
I told him, "No" when he asked for money, he thought that shit was funny
I went on the 4 and I told Mikey Lord to talk to Varney
We can pay for surgery, but them other niggas can't get sturdy

Knew your ass was a bitch, when you seen't the opps, said you couldn't get dirty
Hope you pray for all them niggas 'cause they ain't no killers no more
They be beggin' 'round the city 'cause I ain't give 'em no money
I still answer, but they know I'm still not givin' 'em nothin'

He just offered me protection, start to tickle my stomach
She told me, "Take a Cialis," she tryna get shit goin'
Heard he went to dialysis, man, his head started growin'
He a killer from that side, bro, I bet I'm gon' know him

He a killer from that side, I bet brodie don't know him
She gave me top inside a Maybach, I ain't close the curtain
And I was in front of the Trump, she got drunk off the room service
She told me she scared of her ex, I told her, "I wish he would hurt you"

He be on my block, his ass ain't shit, his ass a 'Wood roller
You a gangster 'round her, but you ain't gangster 'round me
You a gangster 'round cuz, you ain't gangster 'round C
If they call you "Backdoor," man, you get from 'round me

You ain't my Blooda, then you can't listen to Tee Grizzley and me
Shoot the club up, I can't shoot the club up
You just seen what they just did to Shiesty, you got me fucked up
I don't care 'bout camera phones, forever got my gun up

Rather get you before you get me, you got me fucked up
I just drove it manual in the G-Wagon and got it fucked up
Fuckin' the transmission up, I'm touchin' on that damn clutch
Ayy, bro, bring me Smurk 'Woods, I really don't want no damn Dutch

I feel like a bitch, I told a snitch I'd rather pay him up
Draco in your bookbag, my Draco in my pants, tucked
I ain't even gon' cap, that barrel dirty, it fuck your pants up
Click it to the right, it go, rrah, fuck ya mans up

If a goofy come around, Lil Boona'll put his hands up
Bitch, I'm from 300, I'm the first one with a Lamb' truck
Every time we fall out with them niggas, they hit the 'Gram up
Migo gave me a feature with no money, he gave them grams up

You can't even cut nothin' less, he got his hands full, nigga

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