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Before Fajr

Every day I can watch lil' bro bring out the red tape
Headaches, I know you seen't that clip, looked like his head fake
Every day lil' bro chase all the opps before the Fajr prayer
His ass skate all around them cars, it look like hockey players

Every day, green Bottega boots, look like I'm Raphael
Told the booster, "Get all the clothes they got, they gon' shut Barneys down"
Lil Threat just had somethin' around his neck, look like it knock armies down
Hit a bitch, fucked up everybody relationships, she a Barbie now

Chief Wuk, he a real witness, he seen me knock niggas' mamas down
Opps FaceTime showin' they lil' watch, nigga, that put that Cartier down
Even when it rain, put it in wet mode to bring that 'rari out
Who your top killer? I'll check his temp—man, what's your body count?

I ain't gon' even stunt, these niggas would rather die instead of livin'
I ain't gon' even stunt, these niggas would rather die instead of killin'
I ain't gon' even cap, you know I'd rather die than be a witness
I ain't gon' even cap, the niggas who rap 'bout, keep niggas out my business

They on go mode
I can't let them niggas trick me out a promo
Your lil' thirty ass wanna take a picture, show hoes our photo
You ain't gon' in the trenches at all, lil' bro, I'ma send you a boatload

Before the Calvin Klein, I had a four-five tucked in Polos
I couldn't believe it how his ass was leakin', ripped his torso
Overslept, I had a warrant right before the court closed
I'm so paranoid, I get to blowin' before the door close

Can't have a bitch to come to me, you know that shit a no-no
I know they really hate me now because I'm more-more famous
He can't even make it out the city, he ain't make no more bangers
Whenever Deeski beat his murder, he gon' be more-more dangerous

How these killers get on 'net you would think it's no more gangsters
I just took two Adderall, I don't want the G6
Boonie used to sell the dog, he know how to remix
And he want the Fentanyl, the real Percs ain't even hittin'

I just told the bitch to drink the semen, she keep spittin'
He'll still be dead right now, but we ain't get him
He'll still be alive right now, but he ain't get it
I just seen him open pints back to back, he ain't mixin'

I just seen him hold his breath and chase you down for eight minutes

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