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Haunt U

My time is here and I'm making it clear
Oh I love you my dear
But I'm going, I'm gone
I might come back when the Benz all black
Ten racks on my lap
If I don't relapse and I stay strong
I could do anything I want to

Bump Lil Peep, when I die I'mma haunt you
I could live forever if I want to
I could stop time but I never wanna do that again
Nothing worse than losing a friend
And the feeling you get when everybody that you love ain't around
I really gotta get away from this town
I'm just waiting for a wave and I'll drown

Satan letting me down
I just wanna help you see, you should run away from me
Baby I'm a drug and I don't wanna hurt you
No I'm not gonna hurt you girl, not at all
I ain't gonna set you free
All you gonna get from me
Little bit of love and a little virtue
If I hurt you, I'll end it all

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