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Loaded Gun

My fault, no

[Verse 1]
I got women calling my phone like I owe them somethin'
It's kinda my fault, I guess I showed them somethin'
No shit, I treat my dick like it's a loaded gun
Point that shit away, these hoes gon' blow what comes
No disrespect when I say, if you love me better fuck me
Like you 'bout to lose your place to the girl next door
And hell no, I don't want her, I'm just giving you incentive
Inspiration before I go on these sold out tours
Got this pretty brown-brown, watch her go wild
Found her confidence, so she a pro now
Your man a clone, quick, come down to zone 6
Treat you to hot wings like it's some fancy shit
Hot lemon pepper whip, that mean it's wet as shit
Don't question what I earn, I put that on my wrist (wrist)
Wait until a nigga get home, listen, nigga got the shit on
But I'm going for they spouses
I can pull 'em with the flip phone (brr)

Time, all I’m ever asking for is time
I just needed time to clear my mind
What I want is already mine
Needed a little time
All I’m ever asking for is time
I just needed time to clear my mind
What I want is already mine

[Verse 2]
I got people I don't know expecting something from me
Could let it throw me off but, man, it's nothin' to me
"More money, more problems," that ain't no lie, I swear
Say I'ma take a break, but that's the only lie I tell
We made it past ten-thousand hours, lot of power
Now I'm fully loaded, fresh off Moreland Ave
Now I'm in my bag, ain't no cap
Eastside on my back, daughter on my back
She a Kirkwood baby, puttin' in work little baby, uh
This is a message for y'all (y'all)
Making my way through the fall (fall)
Loaded, we came for it all (all)
You only came here to ball (ball)
Don't shit happen by chance over here
I pray to God and then I conquer my fears
Since then I done took care of my fam'
Took care of myself, took care of my health
And that ain't no 360, that's a 180
I got one baby, that's one lady I'ma answer to
She be the reason I'm righting my wrongs and shit
Love is the reason I'm writing these songs and shit

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