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Uh, let me get up in this bitch right now
Everything I got, that's what I'm gonna give right now
Let a motherfucker live right now
Break it down like a mental state in an asylum

Talk about timing, fuck about rhyming
I don't give a damn about rhyming
I like the way that they jewelry be shining
Nope, that ain't the way to think about this rap shit

I'm a musician, I love the art
Should've never let you in from the start
It ain't one man or another, we one in the same
One of us wants all the money and fame

The other just loves the game
I've done some slippery things for change
But I made thirty million and my life changed
Finally found happiness when my wife changed

Used to make all my decisions based off the perception of others
Scared to do anything different, I couldn't get with it
Too worried 'bout others, fuck 'em
Yeah, I'ma do-me homie

Say if you was me, you would do it differently
But you don't got my POV
Talking 'bout one in the same, only one of me to blame
Recording these raps in my green room

But I gotta go 'cause I hear the whole crowd screaming my name
Yeah, that's dope, yo
True wealth cannot be measured in gold but in experience, age and everything that comes with it
It's a blessing

So many of us that are chasing our youth
Fixated on the wonderyears
When every moment they have now is wonderful
Family, friends, having children and shifting the perspective of one's entire world in the blink of an eye

This is age
So while you look in the mirror thinking those thoughts
Just remember with every wrinkle and every gray, comes another day that you're alive

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