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Ten Years

Okay, so this motherfucker Logic
Flies all the way to New York to play chess with GZA (Check it out)
A show that he does (Yeah, yeah)
And let me tell you, this is the first time actually anybody beat GZA

In this chess series, in these chess games (Yeah, yeah)
So let's just say Logic served him up a queen's gambit
Egon got the La Tâche in the cellar
My rhymes affect the game, Mandela

Vinyl Days kind of like the days of Roc-A-Fella
Yeah, I'm on the beat, but you know I murder a cappella
I stepped in Def Jam building the other day
I ain't ask for fifty million like I was Ye

I shot the video for "Tetris" in the hallway
In the CEO office, boy, I'm talkin' Jay
Feet all on the couch like I'm Rick James
Skyline of the city through the window pane

Then spit the verse on the air conditioner
Listen up, dishin' up food for thought
In rare condition, peep the diction
Pen bleed all over the pulp, no fiction

My description of how I write lyrics is off the wall, no Egyptian
Flowin' in code, peep the encryption
Ayo, ayo, my Rolodex shine brighter than my Rolex
Trust my gut 'cause I know best, people think that I know less

But that's 'cause I never talk, all I ever do is walk in
Like Christopher Wallace, my shit flawless
Come with the rawless like Nobu
Y'all don't want the beef, niggas tofu

All of 'em was prayin' I was stayin' retired, y'all too hopeful
I got a notebook full of more bars than Bourbon Street
Word to Curren$y, peep the urgency
Logic bringin' boom bap back, this shit is the resurgency

Can't fuck with that mumble-schmumble shit, it fuckin' burdens me
Ayo, ten years driven in the game with the brights on
Ten years I murdered your ears when the mic's on
Ten years hit after hit, I got the sights on

Ten years on Def Jam, I kept the lights on, boy
I ain't a hoodlum, they ain't arrest or murder me yet
Why ain't I Muslim? Jay Elec' ain't converted me yet
The chain immaculate, the plaque glisten the same as the jewelry

The pain is practiced, just sit back 'cause this shit came with the groupie
The stainless MAC tin clip attachment fit the frame of this Uzi
Just can't imagine it in the act of shit to drain this jacuzzi
This ain't no actin', reenact the scripts, this ain't a real movie

This ain't no rapper switchin' to activist, this danger feel newbie
Hold up, diamonds got me seasick, pursuin' dreams
Tryna stop the street shit, exhuming kings
Imagine drinkin' three fifths to a human being

'Cause a human being deemed me three-fifths a human being
How much chillin', dope, and dough I done mentioned?
Bros I convinced to go out on lynches
Even sister Kamala, Joe Biden henchmen

Either niggas T'Challa or Josiah Henson
Slugs to who ever the fuck that loves you
This could get uglier than a Funk Flex love booth
Always coppin' fly shit, Adidas, Reeboks

On all they top five lists, just probably not B Dot's
This is what happens when an unmovable object meets an unstoppable force
Like two freight trains goin' head-to-head in a collision

Unstoppable, unbeatable, unbreakable
They're goin' at it, head-to-head, toe-to-toe
This is the most gangster shit I've ever seen
Logic and GZA, this is an unparalleled match

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