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Village Slum

Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa (Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa)
Yeah, I been tryna drink less
But I feel like when I drink I'm at my best

Not a care in the world, no stress
Always give the world my everything and no less
I wake up seven days a week and get the job done
You know I'm always there for my wife and my son

And at the end of the day, I love to pour one
More like two, but occasionally three and it scares me
Not because I have a problem
I'm the type of person, if there's an issue, then I'ma solve 'em

It's more like seeing how this shit has destroyed life
Uh, I look at my mom, I look at my dad
And see how drugs and alcohol took away everything they had
And it makes me sad, I found the balance, but I feel bad

I didn't drink 'til I was twenty-seven and I did from then
And everytime I take a sip I'm scared that I'll become them
We went to Alcoholics Anonymous mostly twice a week
I was just a little boy that listen when people would speak

Prostitutes, preaches, substitute teachers
Cops and criminals, they all gave speeches
About this addiction and it filled me with conviction
Keep comin' back, boy, it works if you work it

And I did, growin' up, I was a AA kid
I never wanted to make the mistakes that they did
Yeah, sometimes when I sip, you know, I feel survivor's guilt
But I know that what I'm drinkin' could destroy all that I built

So I tread lightly, this shit leaves people dead nightly
Alcoholic bullets in my blood, so I might be
Drug addict bullets in my jeans, so I might be
But I don't use that shit to escape

I deal with my problems head on 'til this day
Addiction to substance, it was my faith, but I broke the cycle
Ayo, damn

Yo, can we roll the window down, please?
I can—, I can barely see, the fuckin' weed smoke, yo
Logic, why are you scared of weed?
I ain't scared

Well, you obviously feel some type of way about it
No, I—, I don't know why it's gotta be a big fuckin' deal, okay?
I just don't wanna do it
Man, just hit the blunt

Just hit the shit, man
Bro, I gotta be on stage in like fuckin' forty minutes
I'm not tryna perform in the tenth dimension

Havin' panic attacks and shit on stage, man, fuck all that
Bro, this weed ain't even that strong
You'll be fine in like thirty minutes
Lenny, don't hit him my shit

This from Cali', this that brain rape
What, what?
Yeah, that's what it's called
Fuck, no

Ain't no—, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah
Ain't—, ain't no way in hell, I'm smokin' some shit called brain rape
Bro, what the fuck is that?

Yo, Logic, just take a hit
Take a little baby hit
Man, why you guys always tryna peer pressure me, man?
It's not even like I'm—

Ayy, man
Ayy, bro, stop bein' a fuckin'—
Come on, man, just—, just hit the fuckin' weed, bro
Alright, alright, alright, goddamn, fine, fuck, shit

Yeah, yeah, yeah, hit that shit, hit that shit

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