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March Of Mephisto

Aspirat primo Fortuna labori
Me duce tutus eris
Vox populi vox Dei
Ad majorem Dei gloriam...
Ad infinitum

You know just who I am
Don't be so distant
'cause When you're lost
I am solely there to share your grief

Wailing your sorrow
is only my way to comfort you
Reminders of innocent youth
Waiting for morrow you're lonely
I name your solitude
I speaketh the truth

Now tell me all about your pain

Down to the detail
Don't say it's love
Your fragile heart feeds my contempt


Chase the heathen call
We belong...you and I
Unison in all you deny


I am the thorn in your side
That seeks accomplishment
Reminding the mortal of death
I am the spore of your pride
An angel heavensent
The master of all
I am the urge of the flesh

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