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4th Dimensional Transition

I feel your racing heart
My liquid silver arms extended
These waves aren't far apart
Black gold in claw foot tubs unchanging

I am fire, where's my form?
Whisper crimson I intrude
There's light beneath your eyes
New overtones in view

Endless form, endless time
If what they say is true
You are a shadow in the fourth dimension
To float away with you

We see the corners where nothing happens
While we drifted we were one
Ceilings lifted walls were gone
You speak the language of the breeze

All your leaves were meant for me
The love that every person wants to be
Stuck together, I don't like revealing secrets
I'll live inside your lips if you won't laugh

My heaving hands on rotten fruit at last
Fallow fingers, there's a surface I can count on
She'd fit inside my heart and take it over
Till her cape got blown into my red lungs

Either there's a purpose
Or I'm heading out at breakfast
Take a drink, take a drag
One more coffee, ugly hat

No more mirrors, woolen bag
And I am gone

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