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Alien Days

Sometimes, the windows combine with the seams in a way
That twitches on a peak at the place where the spirit was slain
Hey, one foot leads to another
Night's for sleep, blue curtains, covers, sequins in the eyes

That's a fine time to dine
Divine who's circling, feeding the cards to the midwives
Who love those alien days
The nonstop alien days

Ooh, the alien days
Must've skipped the ship and joined the team for a ride
A couple hours to learn the controls
And commandeer both my eyes

(Hey!) Be quick, dear, times are uncertain
One month crawling, next year blurring
Decades in the drain
Monograms on the brain

Decide what's working and what's moved on to the last phase
The floodgate alien days
I love those alien days
Mmm, the alien days

When the peels are down it feels like traveling in style
You don't need wings to hover forty ton stones for a mile
And in the summer, virgin visions, mindless humming
Numbers can't decide if the day's supposed to smile

Today find infinite ways it could be plenty worse
It's a blessing, but it's also a curse
Those days taught me everything I know
How to catch a feeling, and when to let it go

How all the scheming, soulless creatures
Can't find dreamer's honey in the hive
If it's right beneath the nose
And when the light is new, the sky shows trembling cartoons

You don't need smoke to cover most of the world in a gloom
But here comes racer number 7
Watch my fingers ripping out the lines
If it looks like we could lose

If it looks like we could lose
If it looks like we could lose
If it looks like we could lose

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