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Old Tige

Tige you were faithful faithful to the end
Tige how I miss you you were my best friend)
Three years of Army Service done and I was headin' home at last.
I got to thinking bout my dog and things long gone and past.
How old Tige pulled me from the creek when I had no pulse or breath,
and how he saved me from the chargin' bull that gored my Dad to death.
As a kid I'd dream of bears and tremble to my toes
Till old Tige come up to my bed and nudge me with his nose.

Then my fears would melt away and Tige would go lie down,
I'd drift on back to sleep without another sound.
The big bus stopped I got off - it was awful dark and thick with fog.
Then something gently nuzzled me and there stood Tige my dog.

I wondered if my faithful dog had met the bus each day
And all the dreary winter nights since I'd been away.
To have Tige meet me here like this, I was...I was really glad
'Cause I hadn't needed Tige so much since the day they'd buried Dad.
Two long miles still lay ahead, but what I didn't know
A giant Dam was being built where the old road used to go.
I thank the Lord for sending Tige and I followed where he led,
Knowing well without his help that I'd be good as dead.
Tige inched along this way and that, going rough and slow,
And I could hear the water lappin' at the ledges far below.
Then through the mist I saw a light and mother in her chair,
I reached down to pet old Tige but he wasn't there.
I'm thankful Mom you had old Tige these three lonely years

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