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All My Friends Know

Did you ever want me? No worries if not
It′s just that I, I told my mom, she thinks we're still going strong
She knows that I, I stay fond of you
That she can′t ignore

How every day she knocks but I don't answer my door
Every time I look outside my house, I try to make myself believe (I can look at nature and feel good again)
She just called and texted to say
I want to talk but I'm too scared to meet (is that why you think the worst of me?)

You say we′ll make up, why′d you say that?
Why'd you break up? (′Cause I never got to teach myself at all)
How to not show myself let go?
All my friends know that you think the worst of me

Even when you broke my heart
Now we're living worlds apart
Now I thought you said I′m smart (never got to teach myself at all)
Now that all that's done and said

I see all the time I spent
Not talking to my best friend
′Cause I thought the worst of me