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[Kanye West:]
Do it...
Watch it...
Do it how I...

Watch it...
She ugly hot
Like a chick that call you to borrow
Five hunnid, then promise she gon' pay you back tomorrow

Then left with a scammer with a Gucci hat from Marshall's
Slept with him, then woke up, saw his watch was a Fossil
Everybody wear a costume, spray a little extra perfume
YEEZYs in the stock room, that's the name, make the stock boom

Hit the club with at least ten, you in a 500, that's a cheap Benz
I promise Playboi we get the tape out 'fore the weekend
It's over, too famous to sneak in
Wolverine in a sheep skin, I be goin' off the deep end

We here for a reason, boy, we got more to do
You text just like, "Yo," I'm like, "Yo, I been avoidin' you"
Ye Jesus gang, you correct
You always askin' for Buddha, you a Budapest (Ayy)

If they don't play this, call the DJ
This verse just shut down the freeway
Born in the A, you can't impeach Ye
The case so brief, don't bring your briefcase

[Playboi Carti:]

What? (Yeah)

Go, go to the moon (Yeah, Carti)
Go to the moon (What?)
Go to the moon (Slatt)
Shawty tell me, what's up? (Yeah, slatt)

Got some drank in my cup (Yeah, yeah)
Got my opp in my blunt (Yeah, yeah)
Niggas try to keep up (Yeah, yeah)
In the car with my son (Yeah, yeah)

Get killed by a pump (What?)
I got a redhead (Yeah)
My vibe is tough (Okay)
I done been through a lot (Okay)

I done seen some stuff (Carti)
Everything dope
Shoutout to the bluff (What?)

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