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Chill Kill

Ooh, oh, yeah
Where did you come from suddenly?

Crash in a quiet world
The emergence of Chill Kill is like Thunder
I went crazy with that thrill
The praise of sweetened error and imperfection

What was there to be afraid of? Always and forever
You were too easy, thinking you were mine
Hugging freely, sending off as you pleased (ooh-ooh)
I miss seeing you again

Regretting it to death
Yeah, don't care if it hu-hu-hurts
Perfect soul that suits you
Can I grab onto you again?

(Hey) don't think about tomorrow
(Yoo-hoo) You're still shining
Gonna change at long last
Tears flow, melting the ice

What a Chill Kill
I know you will bring me lightning like a winner
I'm waiting for you here, for a happy ending
Light up the tall lighthouse through the long night

So you don't lose your way (I'm here)
On a harsh night
The whole world holds its breath
You tamed me wrongly

You only knew me
Why did you do so well
Am I qualified (Together)
You keep running away, far away

Shout that you hate me
At the end of those words, you hesitated
You matched my eyes (don't run away)
Rough and clumsy Nights were young

Let's warm up the cold night
Yeah, look, look, a lot has changed
I've changed quite a bit
Can I hold you once more?

Say, say, say, now, are you ready, ready? (You ready?)
Say, say, say, now, are you ready? (Ah, yeah)
Because of you (because of you), I won't cry, ah-ah-ah
Because of you, I could only smile (up in the sky)

Yeah it's love
The orange sun is almost setting
I only need your warmth
Until the end ('til the end of time, yeah, yeah)

End of time
(Yoo-hoo) You endlessly shine (oh-oh-oh, yeah, yeah)
Tears flow, melting the ice
Don't think about tomorrow (oh, yeah)

Forget about your sorrow (oh)
It will change, you can't leave me
What a Chill Kill
Don't think about tomorrow (I know you will bring me lightning)

You endlessly shine (like a winner)
Things will change, now I am

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