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Day One (Outro)

Yeah, 17
I was outside, fly as a jet
17 years old, I'm flyin' on a Jet
Bust down, bust down, Audemars Piguet

Tryna get the bag, I was goin' OT, baby
Trappin' with mud in the Phantom, 150 thousand in Atlanta
Double G's what I'm steppin' on
I ain't ever had shit, I want my racks long

Gotta get it out the mud, I was trappin' out the bando
They been wantin' to see me fall, red bottom what I land on
Fell in love with shawty, but she wasn't enough for me
'Cause I be ridin' in my 10-speed

Nigga, tell me what the lick read
I was servin' down on 10th Street
I wanted me the Louis V bag, so I fucked around and bought it
Got a new apartment, Hermès carpet

I just wanna be the motivation for my young nigga
Out here tryna get it
Focus on your babe (uh huh, yeah-yeah)
Fuck these bitches

I just got off the phone with my young nigga
He said, "Roddy 'bout to go number one, nigga"
I been tryna get the money for appeal
Gotta stay down for your day ones, nigga

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