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Feed tha Streets

Whoa, ooh
Whoa, ooh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Most these niggas ain’t tryna see you win

And I can’t trust nobody
Ain’t interested in being friends
It’s free all o my niggas till my niggas free again
Went in blind through these Cartier’s I can see again

I’m riding rich but I remember back when I was broke
Niggas strugglin on that dollar menu now it’s full course
When from standing on that corner now I’m standing on a boat
Bitch I bosse dup, I done gave a lot o niggas hope

Yeah aye be careful who you choose lil nigga
My youngin grab a stick with the tool lil nigga
Really thuggin so you better keep it cool lil nigga
Grab your backpack and go to school lil nigga

Cause these streets ain’t for everybody
You lose niggas in the coldest ways
You take down the snitch get 40 days
Your bitch be gone like 'andale'

My niggas tired of being underpaid
So we trodding for a hundred days nigga
I remember I was certified broke
And I got up off my ass started juggling for a note

Young nigga hit a stain and got washed up
Free my niggas on the game they got locked up
I pour a pint for all my niggas who can’t shine with me
And pour up eight for all my niggas who alive with me

And fuck a nigga who ain’t tryna take the time with me
And take my niggas worldwide if they grind with me
Where were you when I was broke, being broke was so annoying
When these other niggas shining but you know you can’t afford it

So I be trapping heavy from the night until the morning
State prison took my niggas we just tryna pay the mortgage
How they all make count with all these cases
Talking bout my struggle but you know I ain’t complacent

I was sixteen when I got it out the basement
And Bird seen the vision yeah we gotta make it
Certified broke but the name rich
Producers talking touchdown but they ain’t switch

And if a nigga switched up I don’t blame shit
Don’t got no time for a nigga or a lame bitch
Diving in bout to cop a whole rake on these niggas
I go to Roof Chris cause I’m bout to eat steak on these niggas

I take the charge so they won’t stack one more case on my nigga
We surviving cause this shit ain’t gon make it my nigga
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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